Impact your child's future with vital tech skills.
Coding and tech spring camp for kids and teens
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You get more. A LOT more.
impact A&C is the best solution for modern parents, based on the interests of contemporary children and the most innovative trends in the IT world
Modern branches and gadgets
from America
designed particularly for teaching children IT
Teachers who share the interests of children and teenagers
individualised approach of specially trained teachers and group assistants ensures that each student receives equal attention
Portfolio, Certifications and Skills,
that can be used in admissions and included on a CV that will already differentiate your children from their peers
A place to meet like-minded friends and mentors
having fun together with those who share their interests + making new lifelong acquaintances
Project approach and methodologies used in Silicon Valley
students create their own projects and compile them into portfolios to showcase their learning achievements
Softskills development
time management, presentation skills, financial literacy, emotional intelligence
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